Anatomy Of A Boovi

Long-Form Content + Social Commerce

Social distribution of long-form content is an unrealized opportunity for publishers because they haven't figured out how to monetize social viewership. Traditional ad models don't translate well online. Social commerce will change everything.

What Is Boovi?

Boovi is a platform that publishers can use to build long-form content and attach a collection of products to. We've gone to pain-staking lengths to ensure our platform provides users the best possible content/commerce experience by making the entire process frictionless. That means, no linking out. Ever. Our content is designed for social distribution and once created, publishers are emailed an output link that can be placed on any and all social channels. It's social commerce at it's finest.

Long-Form Content In Three Parts

Long-form social content is unique from traditional print or media content in that it consists of three mediums: Video, Literature and Photography. Combining these mediums to tell a cohesive story allows publishers to maximize their production budget and differentiate their social content from their traditional content.

Social Distribution

Long-form social content exists on top of social media platforms as a "Swipe Up". Think of Instagram (Snapchat, Twitter, etc.) as the discovery ecosystem. The key is to target a specific demographic with engaging teaser content and entice them to link to the full story. Social "Stories" provide an excellent vehicle for this.

Native Commerce

The "Ad Model" is dead. The future is native commerce integration. Mobile devices are different from print and television in that they are capable of processing transactions. That's a big step forward. To leverage this technology publishers need to place products, not ads, directly within the content. This allows viewers to become consumers without impacting the overall user experience.

Frictionless Transactions

The secret to making "shopping" palatable for social viewers is to maintain a consistent experience. This means removing any friction between the content and conversion. Linking out (which is everywhere today) is the biggest taboo. Transactions must occur in-app and directly from the content experience.


This is an old media staple forgotten by new media. Social content is often distribution via a single channel. Content producers do this maintain and grow their audience because audience size (or "reach") is their key monetization metric. With native commerce "reach" gives way to conversion and distributing via a single channel is no longer a priority. In fact, the opposite, distributing content across many channels, to diverse demographics gives you the greatest opportunity to convert.

One To Many

Our platform can attribute many different product collections to a single piece of content. This allows content producers to syndicate their content to publishers who will attach their own unique products optimized for their audience demographics.

Unique Distribution Links

Each publisher is provided a distribution link unique to their version of the content, with their products integrated. This allows each publisher to provide their audience with high-quality content without the upfront costs of production.

Boovi Magic

So, to wrap it up, Boovi is a publishing platform that allows content producers to connect their long-form content to many product collections providing a unique distribution link for each. Well, actually, we do a lot more than that but to see more you'll have to sign up for the Beta.

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