Coffee Beans, Are Not Beans

A Seasonal Fruit

The great flaw of so many businesses and individuals here is they spend so much time trying to catch up in the current game they don't spend enough time anticipating the next game and being a first mover.

One of the great things about the era of social media is that if you sucked at YouTube or Facebook inevitably snapchat and Instagram are coming next. It's the great thing, it's the terrible thing. It sucks having a 20 year career where you've been write a lot and you know that it only lasts for a little bit and that something will emerge that you have to be right about again because you will be armed out of your leadership role because the attention of our consumer will shift.

It's exciting because you always know that if you struggled with the current landscape, you have another chance in 24 or 36 months as our attention continues to shift. What is always true and forever true is that quality content will always have a competitive advantage. What is completely misunderstood is you don't get to be the judge of quality content.

The audacity of the media or thought leaders or successful individuals or just a person that they get to judge what is quality content has been the opening that so many people can take advantage of.

Content is subjective. The market decides what's good and bad. Not you pondering what's good and bad over a beer with your best friends.

So we need to spend a lot less time debating quality and we need to start thinking a lot more about clear indicators that quantity and distribution really, really matter. If you were an artist that produces music it is now only practical to produce a new song every week and put it on soundcloud and spotify and every platform that you can. And so the thing that I'm trying to force down energy-wise in this keynote is the following:

No matter what you do for a living you need to think of yourself as a media company.

Your company, if you were a SaaS tech…You are a media company *comma* SaaS tech. If you are a consumer social network, you are a media company *comma* social network. If you are a human being, you are a media company *comma* human being.

When you wrap your head around that you start understanding what you should be doing. Which is, in your natural way producing stories for people to consume to bring awareness to what you do.

Let me explain.

Number one you have to figure out which medium over-indexes for you. So many people are trying to be something that they think is emerging. Do you know how hard it is to live stream and keep people's attention? Like it is difficult to be good enough on live video that it is worth watching. Keeping people there, that takes an enormous amount of skill.

So instead of worrying that video is emerging because nobody, nobody 36 months ago said, “You know what's going to get cool again? Radio.” Nobody saw serial or podcast emerging at the level, globally, that we've seen. So one thing I can promise you is nothing new is going to happen.

The same mediums of communication which are the framework to awareness to any product/service, movement or anything else will always stay the same. What you need to do and your organization needs to do is figure out are you a writer? Are you a voice? Are you a video producer? And then, really start focusing on that and the contextual platforms that allow you to distribute that message.

This is the game and this game is not changing. This game will not change when we go into an augmented virtual reality world. This game will not change. This is human communication.

The people that drew the best pictures in caves, won. The guy who did the best smoke signals on a fucking mountain, won. And it's tried and true over and over again the only thing that changes is the mediums and the thing that everybody has to focus on is not content. Everybody talks about content is king. Meanwhile everybody is missing that context is the queen and she runs the fucking household.

And what we are not doing is respecting context enough in the current landscape of communication and that is where the magic sits.

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